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What are the Best Majors for Law School Candidates?

What are the Best Majors for Law School Candidates?

The road to law school is a long and calculated journey. In order to ensure one is the best candidate for law school acceptance, they will need to be careful in how they handle their studies. One of the ways that aspiring law students can prepare and present themselves as ideal law students is by choosing and excelling in a major in their undergraduate studies. While making the plan is easy, the hard part is choosing which piece to put in place. For many prospective law students, the jury is still out on what are the best majors for law school candidates? 

The Best Major for Law School Candidates is…? 

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no one major that is the de facto major to graduate undergrad with on your way to law school.

While there is no clear cut winner there is a wide pool of options that certainly help with some that come close as the de facto best. Additionally, there are plenty of majors many would expect and some that seem unusual. Nevertheless there are many options for majors that are the best for law school candidates seen in the examples below.


This is one of the best potential majors for law school candidates. English as a subject contains more than just Shakespeare and grammar. English can help future law students gain key knowledge and application to help them down the line in both law school and in their future law occupation.

English as a subject will help students strengthen their skills in reading and writing. Reading and writing is the foundation of both studying in higher education and also in the role of a lawyer. Reading comprehension is needed to go through case notes and study through details as well as writing is required to make case briefs and more as a lawyer. Also in order to get into law school, a student needs to pass many exams.

By majoring in English it gives future law students the opportunity to learn and sharpen their skills in reading comprehension, writing, and many more key areas that will empower them in their studies both in undergrad and postgraduate classes and continue to be used in their law career.


Philosophy - Best Majors for Law School Candidates

As we start off with a safe option, we move to a more unconventional option in philosophy. Philosophy is a great option as a major for future law students for two big reasons.

First, is that philosophy is a huge aspect within the field of law. Much of law as a subject both in school and in the real world legal field is composed of ethics, human nature, fairness, reasons and more concepts that are rooted and discussed in philosophy. By studying philosophy a student will be gaining an understanding of these aspects and allow themselves to become familiar with them.

Secondly, philosophy is a great major to help students focus on critical details, and learn deep analysis. In order to work in the legal field, there is a big need to come to a reasonable conclusion and present findings based on facts and logic.  By being able to study details and use the details to form an educated opinion students will learn how to come to a conclusion with findings. This deep analysis can help students see how different circumstances affect events and can help future law students learn how to frame an argument.

Political Science

Political science is a great choice as a major for law school candidates due to the fact that the legal system and the field of political science work hand in hand. Political science is a great major for potential law students because it will give them a basic understanding of how laws and government work on a structural level.

Let’s say a cook has a great desire to start a restaurant. So one day he gets up to quit his job and begin his new restaurant. No matter how good his food is and how much passion he has for making delicious food, he has to have an understanding of how to open and run a restaurant along with an understanding of cooking. Political science can provide this same analysis and understanding for potential law students. Law students no matter what field, public or private, they want to enter or if they want to be a lawyer or other position in the legal field, they will need to know what the legal system is and how it works in our government and private sector.   


A great path to law school can begin by majoring in business. By business, meaning Business Administration and general business majors. The more specialized and niche the business degree is, the less useful it will become. Accounting, and finance are of little relevance to much legal work and preparation for law school.

Business schools are known for having a rigorous and deep course load. When applying to law schools, having a business major(along with other factors such as a great GPA) will make you stand out easily!

Business is great for students because it not only prepares them with a lot of reading and writing, but other attributes of working in law as well. These come in the form of things such as public speaking, understanding and training in corporate structure. Collaboration in the workplace with others, as well as negotiations.

A business degree can be amazing depending on the field of law one is seeking. If you are considering or desiring to work in a field such as corporate law then majoring in business is a great way to start that journey.


At face value history may seem as an aloof option for those pursuing law school. However it is a great option that is very common for students with legal aspirations.

By majoring in history before law school, you can see the history of the legal system and how it came to fruition. You will see and know important landmark cases that set precedents and changed/altered laws as well. A great knowledge and understanding of past cases and legal history may come in handy as you handle new cases in the future.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice - Best Undergraduate Degrees for Law School Candidates

Another major that serves as a natural and fantastic option for future law students. This is the de facto major for future law students who are interested in working in criminal law.

With this major students will gain a great understanding in the three branches of America’s justice system in:

  1. Courts
  2. Police
  3. Prisons

A great advantage that criminal justice majors have is that many programs are interdisciplinary, meaning the one criminal justice program combines various course  loads or subjects into a more personalized program. So for criminal justice majors, they are required to take courses in philosophy, history, sociology and more.

This is a great option that will make students tailor-made for law school by providing a rigorous and deep legal curriculum with information and studies of different yet applicable disciplines for the legal field.


Studying psychology is a great way to present oneself as an ideal law school candidate. Psychology as a subject is the study of the mind and the way human behavior works and is influenced. In the legal arena, much of the job is analyzing human behavior and also thinking about laws and guidelines to influence human behavior as well.

This is a great option that will help future law students think about how past cases have influenced people and how people can be influenced in the future.

So…..Which One? 

Once again there is no one choice that is an easy option above the others. There are other factors as well that one needs to consider before they choose as major on their track to law school. These other factors are:

  • GPA: While no major is easy, students need to select a major where they know they can succeed. A big factor that law schools look at when evaluating applicants is their GPA. No matter how good your major is, if you have a poor GPA to show for it then you will be greatly hindered trying to get into law school.
  • Preparation: Make sure whatever major you choose is the major that is giving you the best preparation for whatever area in the field of law you are seeking. If you want to work with a legal team as house counsel for a large company, then it would be best to major in business administration. If you want to be a public attorney who represents those who cannot afford a lawyer, then you may want to major in philosophy.

Choose The Best Option for Your Plan 

There are many different paths and options that lead to law school. If you are either thinking about what your own plan looks like or are dead set on being a law school candidate, give careful consideration into your major. With a great plan and great execution, you can be on the fast track to being a superb law school candidate. Just make sure you select the major that makes the most sense for what you want to pursue in law school.

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