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7 of the Best Work Bags for Female Lawyers Reviewed

Best Work Bags for Female Lawyers

The female lawyers work bag is more than a fashion statement. Below is a list of 7 highly rated work bags that are bound to be perfect for most types of female lawyers.

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What are the Best Work Bags for Female Lawyers?

Here are our picks for the top 7 bags perfect for female lawyers:

  1. LOVEOOK Backpack Computer Bag
  2. MONSTINA Laptop Tote Bag
  3. EaseGave Crossbody Satchel Bag
  4. CLUCI Vintage Leather Briefcase
  5. McKleinUSA Wheeled Briefcase
  6. ECOSUSI Messenger Bag
  7. BOSTANTEN Vintage Laptop Tote

1) LOVEOOK Backpack Computer Bag

LOVEOOK Backpack Computer Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

Starting off strong with this simple yet stylish backpack style work bag. The LOVEOOK Bag is the perfect bag to keep you comfortable during a long commute to work without sacrificing space or convenient features. It comes in a variety of color options but the wine is a stand out gorgeous color that is muted enough to remain professional, but bold enough to set you apart from your coworkers.

The bag fits your standard 16 inch laptop but somehow remains compact looking, keeping you organized and looking put-together. It has a large inner compartment with a designated padded sleeve for your laptop / tablet, and a zipper to store smaller items within reach.

The outer part of the bag has three zippered compartments, an anti-theft pocket on the off chance your phone will be somewhere other than your hands, a water bottle pocket on either side of the bag and even a napkin slot. There is even an inner pocket for a power bank so you can set up a charger. The bag also has a luggage strap so in a few years when you’re finally able to take a vacation, you can use it as a carryon.

Reviews seem to focus on how comfortable this bag is, and any commuting lawyer will tell you that this is key for a work bag. You’re already ruining your social life, no need to ruin your spine while you’re at it!

2) MONSTINA Laptop Tote Bag

MONSTINA Laptop Tote Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

This classic classic laptop tote from MONSTINA looks like many other work bags on the market, but is set apart from the rest by the internal organizational structure and the affordable price point. You would be hard pressed to find something of similar quality for any less that will keep up with the wear and tear of daily use by a lawyer. This bag is larger than many other bags, fitting up to a 17 inch laptop snugly. It comes in a number of different colors, but the black and brown style is unique, stylish, and very professional.

The inside of this laptop bag has a whopping 15 pockets and includes the option to hook up an external charging port, ensuring that every thing you might be carrying to work has its place. The level of organization this bag offers the modern female lawyer is truly unmatched. Nothing is worse than wasting five extra minutes when you’re already running late trying to track down the chapstick you know you threw in your back that morning.

The outside of the bag is very sturdy and is made of water resistant fabric, protecting the inner contents (and saving you the headache of having to remake a client file because your morning coffee ruined it.) The top zips with sturdy metal hardware. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, in part due to all the inner pockets that this bag comes with.


3) EaseGave Crossbody Satchel Bag


EaseGave Crossbody Satchel Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

Next up on our list is the EaseGave Crossbody Satchel Bag chair. This gorgeous eco-leather satchel comes in a number of colors, but the light purple option is a true show stopper. This chic work bag is perfect for any fashion forward female lawyer who refuses to let the corporate legal world keep her from expressing herself.

The classic satchel silhouette keeps this bag professional looking while the colors offered allow a playful and fun pop of color. The understated grey and silver hardware compliment the dusty purple color perfectly. You can carry it by the satchel handles or wear the crossbody strap, making it perfect for running between the courthouse and your office.

The roomy interior boasts four large pockets, two medium pockets and two small pockets. The turn-lock flap close keeps everything you’re carrying around safe and secure. The outer shell is sturdy and does not sag, even when the bag is empty. At just under three pounds, it is fairly light for such a sturdy bag. This is truly the perfect work bag for anyone looking to look professional yet feminine and stylish.

4) CLUCI Vintage Leather Briefcase

CLUCI Vintage Leather Briefcase. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

This gorgeous CLUCI Vintage Leather Briefcase is vintage inspired and every single color offered is unique and stylish. The wine red and beige with brown styles stand out as particularly rare and professional. This is the perfect leather tote for someone looking to invest in a high quality genuine leather work bag that will last for years.

The outer shell of the bag is hard leather giving it a structured silhouette that elevates any work bag and professional outfit. The hardware is high quality and durable. This bag can either be carried like a briefcase by the top handles, or with the crossbody strap.

The structure inside the bag includes

  • Three large main compartments
  • Five slot pockets
  • Five card slots
  • Four pen loops
  • Two inner zipper pockets and
  • One padded laptop compartment

There is a front magnetic pocket with ten card slots, a zipper pocket and an invisible anti theft zipper on the back exterior. There is a back strap which allows you to attach the bag to a suitcase or rolling bag. There are many positive reviews complimenting the look and structure of this bag. One thing to note about the negative reviews is the weight, because it is so sturdy and can fit so much it can also get very heavy.

5) McKleinUSA Wheeled Briefcase

McKleinUSA Wheeled Briefcase. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

The classic court house work bag is a rolling briefcase. While you may feel a little silly going to work with all your daily essentials in what amounts to a carry-on, the benefits for the working professional on the move may be worth it. This wheeled briefcase from McKleinUSA .is classic and large enough to fit anything you may need to bring to and from work- just don’t tell the partner or he might send you with a few extra redwelds.

This spacious bag is essentially a filing cabinet on wheels, allowing you the space that a traditional shoulder bag just does not offer. It comes in four equally stunning and vibrant colors, the red is an absolute show stopper. This is the perfect stylish work bag. The vintage silhouette and finishing give it a unique look that will compliment any work outfit. It is an investment piece, but relatively affordable for genuine cowhide leather.

Like any wheeled briefcase this bag is much more durable than the traditional shoulder bag. The inner laptop pocket is advertised to fit a device with dimensions up to 15 inches, but the reviews do mention that it is a tight fit. While this bag may be smaller than other wheeled alternatives, this also makes it easier to convert into a briefcase and carry rather than pull along.

The inside of this bag offers two large pouches, a laptop pocket, a tablet pocket and storage space for cards, keys and pens. It looks relatively roomy and ideal for transporting work essentials to and from the office. The bag is very well made and McKleinUSA is a certified woman-owned business.

It is clear that whoever designed this bag had in mind the needs of a stylish yet professional woman. This bag is perfect for the young lawyer who is overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork they need to bring between the office and their home. It will definitely lighten your load and keep you more organized than trying to balance and keep track of multiple bags.

6) ECOSUSI Messenger Bag

ECOSUSI Messenger Bag . Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

This leather alternative messenger bag from ECOSUSI is very professional and classy looking and has a playful feminine touch in the design. The briefcase silhouette is very nice and make this a great work bag. It comes in three neutral colors that are bound to look good with most any work outfit.

The inner compartment of this bag offers:

  • The standard padded laptop pockets for a device up to 15.6 inches
  • Two medium pockets, and
  • A small zipper pocket

The outside of the bag has a back zipper pocket for the things you would like to have easy access to. The interior pocket easily fits a few smaller file folders or one larger one in a padfolio or folder as well as all the basic things you keep in a personal bag. You can convert it from a briefcase carry to a shoulder carry using the included detachable shoulder strap, making this bag ideal for commuters.

7) BOSTANTEN Vintage Laptop Tote

BOSTANTEN Vintage Laptop Tote. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

Our last bag is truly a showstopper. This vintage inspired laptop tote is the perfect feminine answer to the bulky briefcase. With soft lines and minimalist outside design, this bag is sleek and classy but still very practical. All three colors offered are neutral and great for a work tote, but the beige with brown handles is simply beautiful.

The bag is made of genuine cow leather and high quality hardware, making it sturdy and perfect for everyday use. The inside of this bag offers:

  • A front and back zip pocket
  • Two medium slip pockets
  • Pen slots
  • A laptop pocket for a device up to 15.6 inches
  • Two spacious main pockets, and
  • Ten card slots

The outside of the bag is smooth and sleek, made of hard leather. The straps are longer to be more comfortable to carry, and the bottom of the bag has metal feet that allow it to stand straight up on its own without slouching. The reviews are very positive and highlight the sturdiness and ability to fit many things.

Best Work Bags for Female Lawyers – Buyers Guide

Finding the perfect work bag can be the difference between showing up prepared and organized to court or scrambling in the hallway trying to find your clients file and embarrassing yourself among all your fellow first year associates. Your work bag has to work for you, so the perfect bag is going to depend on what kind of person you are and the needs you have.

For the most part, when looking for a work bag you are looking for a few main things:

  • Durability, will this bag withstand daily use?
  • Professional looking, can I wear this bag in front of my co-workers?
  • Organization, will this bag help me keep all my work stuff organized? And last but not least,
  • Does this bag fit my professional aesthetic?

Because you will be putting a lot of use into a work bag, you want to make sure that it will hold up and still look as good as it did the day you got it. Nothing ruins an outfit more than a messy bag!

Law is still very much an industry based on appearances.

You will feel pressured to keep up a very put together appearance and be judged if you do not. It goes past the general expectations of professional fields. So you may feel pressure to buy expensive name brand work bags, but you don’t have to! Invest in high quality work bags that work for your needs and you’ll look just as good without spending a paycheck on a Gucci bag that doesn’t serve your needs.

A work bag should keep all of your belongings neatly organized and simplify your busy life.

You’re under enough stress as it is! Why add to it with a poorly made bag you have to turn inside out to find something in? Inner organization is important not just for your sanity, but for remaining put together. You never know when you’ll run into a professional contact and you want to be able to just pull out a business card without having to set everything down and search around for it.

Thanks for reading!  Links to our picks for the top female lawyer bags with current prices are below.

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