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5 Top Canadian Online Divorce Services to Get a DIY Divorce

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Here’s the deal.

If you and your spouse can’t agree to the divorce terms you both need to consult a lawyer. We recommend, where you can easily find a family law / divorce attorney in your area.

However, if you agree to ALL terms of the divorce you can save a ton of money using an online divorce service.  Yes, there are now several viable options in Canada.  While it’s still a good idea to run your agreed terms by a lawyer, the actual process of the divorce documents can be done quickly and inexpensively online.

If your situation qualifies, below are several Canadian online divorce services to check out.

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Complete Case

Canadian online divorce service CompleteCase

Like so many other online divorce services in Canada, Complete Case allows married couples to complete divorce proceedings for its potential customers and clients. Simplifying the divorce process is one of the best reasons for looking into this option. Another reason for employing the services of Complete Case is to save money totaling up to thousands of dollars. This happens on a case by case basis. Then, of course, there is the absolute guarantee of court approval with a money-back clause attached to it. This incentive is posted clearly on the organization’s website, which adds values to its services. That particular financial promise virtually removes a major stressful roadblock in the way of reaching out for help from while going through a separation and divorce. The idea behind what makes the system work can be summed up in two words; uncontested divorce. Overall, the process on this website is as simple as one, two, three.

One, there has to be consensus between the parties involved with online divorce sites. In other words, both sides have to agree to the terms of the proceedings or the advice and services that Complete Case offers do not really have any value. Two, the website user has to complete an online interview before they can really call themselves a customer or client. After that, finishing the process starts with printing the right forms and their corresponding instructions. Just because the ball can get rolling online does not mean that the entire matter can be handled just as easily. Of course, there has to be some time spent in front of a judge in a court of law. Even though the services from Complete Case make the process of getting a divorce easier, much of the value that makes them a prudent is found in their informative content. There is more than ease of use that gives this establishment so much weight. There is the matter of its accuracy and the expertise of the professionals who get involved. Although there are no lawyers involved directly with Complete Case and its website that does mean there are absolutely no options available to their customers and clients who need legal advice. There is access to a network of lawyers available through it the site for a small fee.

Provinces served: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, PEI, New Brunswick as well as the three territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.)

Untie the Knot

Untie the Knot canadian online divorce service

The name says it all. According to the website of Untie the Knot, it’s easier than you think. In matters where all parties agree, things should quickly, easy, and affordable. All that is true. But, this website takes their level of service just a bit farther by ensuring that their clients and customers do not even have to step foot into a courtroom. The professionals that represent this company take care of everything from start to finish. They offer one-stop shopping and can even do all the filing needed to close the deal. Unite the Knot believes in making everything simple and easy. Even though this organization is supremely awesome, there are few limitations and restrictions to the things they can help potential divorcees accomplish.

For starters, the team of specialists who work together on this site do not constitute a law firm. However, they can guarantee that the work and products they provide to clients are good enough to meet courtroom standards. They achieve this level of quality by double and triple checking everything drafted by their authors. Going through a life-changing divorce using this company is as painless as the process is ever going to get. As with any domestic matter, the cost included with services provided by Untie the Knot depends on what the individuals involved need from the organization and each other. As a final note, clients and customers need to have their original certificate of marriage to use the service available through this company and website.

Divorce Online divorce service

It’s not that all the websites that offer online services regarding divorce are the same because that is simply not the case. Of course, some things are going to happen no matter what such as court filing costs. However, Divorce Online offers something different than a lot of the others in the field. They just so happen to promise help from legal professionals and not just office experts. When it comes to uncontested divorces, they really do have their own niche and marketable business model. But, there is one condition that needs to be discussed, explained, and touched on before going any further into what they can do for clients and customers. Divorce Online cannot help those individuals getting a divorce in the province of Quebec.

This site is better, for some people than using a lawyer. Lawyers cost money. Like, they really cost a lot of money. And, the longer lawyers work the more expensive they tend to get. Moreover, there are other benefits to choosing Divorce Online as the website to assist in an uncontested divorce, because they can help forgot annoying do-it-yourself kits. Even though the point of using those things is to get the job done quickly and cleanly, they can often end up with several mistakes in them. As a result, they may need professional revision after all. This fact makes them a stress maker and not a relief.

Unbeknownst to may triers and buyers of online divorce sites and services is the fact that there is usually a catch of having to download, fax, or mail some type of form to get things started. With Divorce Online there is no such problem. Another noteworthy aspect of this service is the range of married couples it can help in their divorce proceedings. It doesn’t matter if a divorcing couple has children, was married outside of Canada, live under common-law rules, or are of the same sex. This site wants to help as many couples as possible be as happy as they want to be in their respective lives. Anyone with questions as to just how well this organization can help them can get the answers they need on the very first page.

Canadian Divorce Online

CanadianDivorceOnline service

To use the services that Canadian Divorce Online has to offer, there has to be a one-year separation in play prior to the process’s initiation. After that, guidance is pretty much all the site can provide to clients and customers. The professionals that represent the organization are not lawyers, and they do not provide legal advice. But, they can help any qualifying couple seeking divorce make sure that their paperwork is in order, which highly increases the chances of a divorce being granted by a court. Really it’s just a matter of making sure to cross the t’s and dot the i’s on a document. And, the right information has to submit to the website in order for Canadian Divorce Online to provide its services.

Once that step is out of the way, the professionals go to work in their drafting of just the right documents. But, the services do not stop there. As a matter of fact, professionals take divorce documents to the courthouse and make sure that they’re filed correctly. Along with all this help and heavy lifting, they do it for a flat rate, which means there are no hidden fees or stressful financial surprises involved with this network on the scene. The services come with a guarantee that things are done right through this company, and there is no backtracking on the work provided. If clients and customers do not like what they have paid for, Canadian Divorce Online keeps managing the project until things are right.

Along with the ease of use of the website, there are basic advantages of choosing this network to handle matters. First of all, clients and customers never have to step into a courtroom, as long as they can simply agree to the matters detailed in the paperwork. Even if the location of one spouse is unknown, there can still be a divorce processed. That is a real stress and time saver. Unlike other services that require everything to fit to a package, the legal professionals of this organization know how to deal with collateral matters. This means that as long as the information used is true and clear, then things like child support and custody can be hashed out afterward.

Divorce Canada

Divorce-Canada online divorce service website

Divorce Canada operates on the premise that people don’t know what they don’t know, so the website makes solving that problem simple. It all starts with a free consultation. Things only get better from this starting point, because there is a lot of information provided on the website. To this end, it answers more than a few questions regarding the subject of uncontested divorce. For example, the site has links that explain the in’s and out’s of needing this kind of divorce and why it just makes good sense to do so after a separation that lasts more than a year. Like many other sites of this nature, Divorce Canada shows the basic three steps that need to happen in order to get a divorce finalized. It also explains the nuances of household living that can make things a little more complicated for the process overall. The keyword that places this site above all the other mentioned so far is Affidavit. With an Affidavit, there is a clear and legal standpoint for getting a settled a divorce. There are other key and important legal terms and papers involved. These are also clearly explained on the website.

Along with laying down a good foundation for a divorce, this organization actually has a design and purpose for protecting the interest of the clients and customers who use their services and work product. One clear and present argument for using Divorce Canada website is the fact that it provides service in provinces from Alberta to Saskatchewan. Included in the provinces where this site can provide service is British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec. Even if a couple are not quite ready for an uncontested divorce because their separation is not in order, this website is still for them. Its sponsors do handle matters like that and advertise on the site.

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