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40 Gift Ideas for Lawyers

Lawyer at work at his desk.

Gift ideas for lawyers under $20

1. Civil Liberties Coffee Mug ($15.95)

Disappearing Civil Liberties Coffee Mug - Add Hot Water and Watch Your Civil Liberties Disappear Before Yours Eyes - Comes in a Fun Gift Box
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This is no ordinary mug: pour water into it and the text embellished on the outside of the mug disappears. What evidence?

2. The Lawyers Game: A Professional Con Game ($19.06)

The Lawyers Game: A Professional Con Game
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It contains 36 Crime Cards; 6 Innocent Cards and 6 Guilty Cards;1 timer; 1 plastic tray and instructions. You may want to let your attorney win on occasion.

3. “The Tools of Argument” Paperback ($11.88)

The Tools of Argument: How the Best Lawyers Think, Argue, and Win
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Even if she’s not always right, this book can help her win more arguments in court by following tips included within these pages.

4. Gavel Stress toy ($9)

Gavel Foam Stress Toy
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When clients whine and judges rule unfavorably, this brown gavel-shaped stress toy made of foam could save your attorney from a therapist’s couch. Measures 4.75(L)-x3(W) inches, so it can be hidden under a desk in emergency situations.

5. “Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg” ($15.63)

Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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Order the hardcover version of this inspiring story for the lawyer in your life.

6. Prohibition-era mug shots ($16.95)

Prohibition-era mug shots

Source: Philosophers Guild

You don’t have to be a criminal defense lawyer to appreciate this mug shot set that includes the rap sheets of Al Capone, John Dillinger, Bugsy Siegel, Lucky Luciano, Machine Gun Kelly and Pretty Boy Floyd.

7. MIP 17-ounce stemless wine glasses ($19.99)

MIP 17 oz Stemless Wine Glass Funny Two Sided Good Day Bad Day Don't Even Ask Scales of Justice Paralegal Law Lawyer Attorney
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They just make this category cut, but the engraved “Good Day, Bad Day, Don’t Even Ask”, the message says it all. Made in the U.S., this set of two measures 4 ½-inches high, so your gift recipient gets a good pour the first time around.

8. “The New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons” ($19.31)

The New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons
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The hardcover classic features the work of political cartoon icons Addams, Steig, Arno, Shanahan and Leo Cullum. There are 85 funny cartoons sure to make a bad day in mediation better.

9. Sign of the Times ($5.90)

“All you need is love and a good attorney

Source: Crown Prints

Need a gaggle of gifts for everyone at a law firm? Download printable art that reads, “All you need is love and a good attorney”. Available from Crown Prints, this high-resolution graphic makes a great last-minute gift.

10. Legal Cats Mouse Pad ($11.60)

Legal Cats Mouse Pad

Source: Zazzle

Mouse around on a graphic that shows the principles of Fat Cat, Boss Cat & Wild Mike PC, the purrsonal injury firm, working on the case of a bandaged tabby. This feline-good product can be personalized.

Gift ideas for attorneys under $50

1. Crystal ball ($48)

Amlong Crystal Clear Crystal Ball 150mm (6 inch) Including Wooden Stand
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This small, humorous desk trinket makes a good paperweight, but it really comes in handy when clients plague your recipient about why it’s taking so long to settle their cases.

2. Folding Portable Iron Mini Collar Iron ($25)

Folding Portable Iron Mini Collar Iron Electric Mini Iron With Double Ironing 6 Heat Settings Flip-Out Wings Functions for Household Dorm Room Crafting Travel Business Trip Collar Accessories
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No one likes to look bedraggled in court. Keep your favorite lawyer nattily attired with a gadget that vanquishes wrinkles on collars, pockets and other areas in a jiffy. This inexpensive gift can make sure the judge doesn’t wonder if counsel has slept in his or her business attire.

3. Boxed set: The Defenders ($36)

Boxed set: The Defenders

Source: Shout Factory

The “ABA Journal” named this 1960s TV series one of the best because attorneys took cases nobody else wanted. Only recently made available for sale, all 32 episodes of season 1 are included in this nicely-boxed set.

4. Lawyer’s Prayer to Sir Thomas Moore Plaque ($49.99)

Etching Memories A Lawyer's Prayer Engraved on 8" by 10" Red Alder with Balance Image, with Lady Justice.
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Having faith in the legal system can be difficult, but this gift, featuring Lady Justice and legal scales, could inspire your favorite lawyer to keep the faith. This 8-x10-inch engraved plaque is made of red alder wood.

5. The Law Office Engraved Pen Set ($30.50)

Free Engraving - Brass, Roller Ballpen, Refillable Pen, Ballpoint pen, Ball pen, Letter Opener Envelope Slitter Gold Blade Knife Letter Opener Gifts for Men, Women, Classy Gift Box, Free Customization
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Includes both a hand-crafted Alderwood pen and a matching storage box that can be personalized. Case measures 6.5-inches and has two hinges. The pen accepts Cross brand refills.

6. Kitchen Apron that reads: “I’m Grilling a Witness” ($24.99)

CafePress Lawyer Gift Apron Kitchen Apron with Pockets, Grilling Apron, Baking Apron
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This bright yellow apron is the color of crime scene tape, but those stains will be the sauce, not evidence.

7. Billable Hour Brass Desk Clock ($49.95)

Billable Hour Brass Desk Clock


Billable hours rule. Help your gift recipient track them by choosing a polished brass frame clock with a high gloss rosewood base. The movement is quartz and the clock runs on AA batteries.

8. Free legal advice Grenade ($38.31)

Free legal advice Grenade

Source: Carbolic Smoke Ball

This “explosive” gift makes a great desktop paperweight that can’t be ignored. It’s a harmless dummy grenade mounted on a wood base that qualifies as the ultimate gag gift.

9. “Come Back with a Warrant” Doormat ($27.23)

HIGH COTTON Doormat - Come Back with a Warrant
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Drawing up warrants isn’t the most exciting task lawyers undertake, so a little warrant-related humor can’t hurt.

10. iPhone 6 Plus Case ($44.60)

iPhone 6 Plus Case

Source: Zazzle

The reverse side of this iPhone case reads: “Trust Me, I’ve Got a Law Degree”. Neutral white with black letters makes this an ideal gift for attorneys of either gender.

Gifts ideas for attorneys under $100

1. Personalized Shadow Box for Lawyers ($76)

Personalized Shadow Box for Lawyers

Source: Home Wet Bar

If the attorney on your gift list loves wine and needs a place to stash his cork collection, this shadow box features a removable front window ready to be engraved with a name or phrase.

2. Immersive Napping Pillow ($85)

Immersive Napping Pillow by Ostrich pillow

Source: Ostrich Pillow

For attorneys desperate to get away from phones, clients, and stress, but they can’t leave the office, this pillow is the ultimate present. The Ostrich pillow could become your recipients favorite gift ever.

3. Themis Blind Lady of Justice Statue ($58.99)

Design Toscano Themis Blind Lady of Justice Statue Lawyer Gift, 13 Inch, Bonded Marble Polyresin, White
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This 13-inch, bonded marble polyresin statue is the epitome of tradition. It’s meticulously crafted, and gold accents are hand-painted by Design Toscano artisans.

4. Pressure cooker ($79.99)

Mueller UltraPot 6Q Pressure Cooker Instant Crock 10 in 1 Pot with German ThermaV Tech, Cook 2 Dishes at Once, BONUS Tempered Glass Lid incl, Saute, Steamer, Slow, Rice, Yogurt, Maker, Sterilizer
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If the lawyer on your gift list feels like he’s living in a perpetual pressure cooker, maybe he’s dropping a hint rather than complaining. This 10-in-1 Mueller Pressure Cooker is top of the line, but the price isn’t.

5. Personalized shingle ($59.99 to $74.99)

Personalized shingle

Source: Etsy

This 10- x 20-inch art features an acrylic, sealed panel so personalization won’t chip, fade, or peel off. The type of frame you pick determines the price.

6. Whiskey decanter and glass ($60)

Whiskey decanter and glass

Source: Etsy

Present this engraved, solid glass decanter/whiskey glass set to the lawyer in your life and he will be impressed. Because personalization takes time, this is no last minute gift, so order early.

7. Hand-drawn Portrait from Photo ($97.98)

Hand-drawn Portrait from Photo

Source: Etsy

You’ll need a photo of your receipt to commission this one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn, 11- x 14-inch original. Digitally made using different fonts, illustrations, and colors, it is printed on acid-free paper.

8. Scales of Justice personalized cufflinks ($99)

Scales of Justice personalized cufflinks

Source: Etsy

They’re still in style and if the lawyer in your world loves wearing them, he or she will be over the moon when you present personalized links made of 7g of 925-grade, recycled sterling silver.

9. Vintage ad

Vintage ad 

Source: Etsy

If she’s got a sense of humor, this “I Dreamed I Swayed the Jury in My Maidenform Bra” ad could become her favorite gift. Measuring 10½- x 14-inches, it commemorates a time when bras sold for $3.95 and female litigators were rare.

10. Original, framed patent artwork ($99)

Original, framed patent artwork

Source: Patents As Art

Intellectual property lawyers are ideal recipients of original artwork that was submitted to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. This wood-framed art measures 16-x 20-inches and it’s ready to hang.

Gift ideas for attorneys under $200

1. Cross Cut Paper Shredder ($154.99)

Fellowes Powershred 73Ci 100% Jam Proof 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder
Click image for more info

She can’t stop complaining about paper jams. You come to her rescue with a Fellowes Powershred 73Ci, 100-percent jam-proof, a cross-cut shredder that ends those complaints.

2. “The Lawyer’s Creed” canvas art in 3 sizes: 24×18 ($109); 36×24 ($144) and 40×30 ($177)

“The Lawyer's Creed†canvas art

Source: Etsy

Oversized prints are made with pigment-based inks on tightly-wrapped canvas. Each includes hardware.

3. Personalized Engraved Gavel Set ($129.90)

Personalized Engraved Gavel Set

Source: Etsy

It’s never too early to practice gaveling for lawyers aspiring to judgeships. This 12(W)- x 5 ½(H)- x 3 ¼(D)-inch walnut finished gavel and gift box should do the job nicely until that day comes.

4. Folded book art ($156)

Folded book art

Source: Etsy

Artisans turn the pages of legal tomes into impressive sculptures by folding, gluing and shaping materials into one-of-a-kind sculptures. For attorneys with strong opinions on the environment, this repurposed, made-to-order gift is perfect.

5. Banuce Vintage Leather Briefcase ($145)

Banuce Vintage Leather Mens Briefcase Lawyer Business Bags Lock Attache Case Tote Handbags Shoulder Messenger 14 Inch Laptop Bag Brown
Click image for more info

He doesn’t have to speak Italian to appreciate this genuine Italian leather messenger bag fitted with 3 interior compartments and trimmed with rust-proof metal. Features a secure lock to safeguard valuables and a detachable shoulder strap.

6. Gavel Pen and sound block ($184.95)

Gavel Pen and sound block


It’s one of the most unique gifts you’ll find at this price point: a gavel-shaped pen and sound block made from a solid piece of aluminum. Each hand-crafted, lathe-polished piece takes 8 hours to make and features 24K karat gold accents.

7. Personalized Natural Marble Scales of Justice Bookends ($199.95)

Personalized Natural Marble Scales of Justice Bookends


Some books belong on desks, not shelves, so these bookends will come in handy. Customize them with up to 2 lines of hand-etched text. Bookends weigh 10 pounds and are made from solid marble slabs.

8. Vintage Attorney Plaque with Custom Name Plank ($129.95)

Vintage Attorney Plaque with Custom Name Plank

Source: Northwest Gifts

This sign is designed for lawyers who appreciate the day and age of the 25-cent consultation! Made in the USA of wood planks that are both screen- and hand-painted, a blindfolded justice embellishment adds a vintage touch. Size is 23.75(L)- x 11(H)-inches.

9. Silk Suitjamas ($109.95 to $119.95)

ZBoss Inc The Official How I Met Your Mother Classic Black Suitjamas X-Large
Click image for more info

The ensemble consists of a silk/cotton two-button jacket, trousers, collared shirt, and cravat. The size determines the price.

10. Lady Justice Metal Lawyers Menorah by designer Gary Rosenthal ($149.95)

Lady Justice Metal Lawyers Menorah by designer Gary Rosenthal

Source: Traditions Jewish Gifts

Attorneys celebrating Chanukah will marvel at this laser cut, brass and copper menorah measuring 13½ (L)- x 5(H) x 3 ½(W)-inches. Personalize it by adding a brass or glass plaque.

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