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30 Gift Ideas for Police Officers

Police officer with crossed arms leaning back on his car.

Our men and women in uniform risk their lives to serve our communities and country that is why they deserve our appreciation. A little token would be nice but finding the right gifts might be a little tricky.

The good news is there is actually plenty of cool and funny stuff to give them a smile or leave them cracking up. Whether it’s for academy graduation, police retirement, promotion, birthday, or just a simple appreciation, you’ll surely find the perfect gift for your police officer below.

Gifts Under $20

“Off Duty” T-Shirt

Off Duty Save Yourself - Funny Sarcastic Quote Tshirt
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Even hard-working police officers need a break every once in a while. With this t-shirt, they can send a clear and funny message to the world at large: “Off Duty. Save Yourself.”

Miniature Tactical Vest Beverage Holder

Miniature Tactical Vest Beverage Holder

Source: Police Tees

With everything from adjustable straps to integrated web stitching, this police vest looks just like the real thing. However, it’s meant for bottles and not bodies. It’s a beverage holder that will serve as a funny but functional gag gift.

Symbols of Law and Justice Pen

Symbols of Law and Justice - Gift Pen with Light and Stylus Tip - Gift for Lawyers, Law Students, Paralegals, Judges, Government Officials, Police Officers
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Make casework a little easier with the purchase of this luxury pen. It’s decorated with everything from a judge’s gavel to the scales of justice, so it’ll be appropriate for the desk of a busy cop.

Thin Blue Line Police Officer Mug

Thin Blue Line Police Officer Mug

Source: Etsy

Perfect for Father’s Day, this matte black mug is decorated with a thin blue line that represents all of the fine folks in police work. It also features an American flag for extra patriotism. Your dad can salute his country with every cappuccino!

LA Police Gear Touchscreen Gloves

LA Police Gear Touchscreen Gloves

Source: LA Police Gear

A good police department will provide its officers with gloves, but if your friend didn’t get the luck of the draw, you can offer them a pair of their own. These particular ones are made with a breathable, lightweight material that will allow a full range of motion, and they’re easily used with touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets.

Bullet Cap 12-Gauge Coasters

Bullet Cap 12-Gauge Coasters

Source: Current Catalog

Shaped like shotgun shells, these unique coasters will be a great conversation piece. They aren’t only meant for style, however. They’re made of tough polyresin that will genuinely protect tables and countertops from water damage.

Insulated Lunch Bag

Lifewit Large Lunch Bag Insulated Lunch Box Soft Cooler Cooling Tote for Adult Men Women, 24-Can (15L), Grey
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He’ll only laugh until the first time that he pulls out his sandwich and realizes that it was kept perfectly temperature-controlled the entire morning. Once he understands the magic of an insulated lunch bag, he’ll probably get his partner in on the action, too.

St. Michael Challenge Coin With Prayer

Hero's Valor St. Michael Patron Saint of Police Officers Challenge Coin Prayer 1-Pack (Single Coin)
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Sweet and sentimental, this coin can serve as a good luck charm as your loved one deals with the dangers of the job. St. Michael is the patron saint of police officers, and his prayer might be just what your officer needs to get home safely.

Themed Historical Print – American Police Officer

Themed Historical Print - American Police Officer

Source: The Grommet

Gift ideas for police officers are often dependent on things like age, rank, and gender, but this present is appropriate for anyone and everyone who wears a badge. It celebrates the different looks and functions of police officers throughout history, and it will be a fine addition to any kind of home.

Ceramic Doughnut Mug

Ceramic Donut Mug - Delicious Chocolate Glaze Doughnut Mug with Sprinkles - Funny"MMM. Donuts!" Quote - Best Cup For Coffee, Tea, and More - Large 14 oz Size - Funny Coffee Mug Gift
Click image for more info

What cop doesn’t like doughnuts? This one even has sprinkles! They’re ceramic, of course, but the point still stands. If the police officer in your life doesn’t mind a little self-directed humor, a doughnut mug can be a goofy gift.

Gifts Under $50

Personalized Whisky Decanter

Personalized Whisky decanter on polished wooden table.

Source: Home Wet Bar

After a long, exhausting day of public service, there’s nothing better than kicking up your feet and enjoying a glass of whiskey. With this handsome decanter that includes a personalized name and badge number, you can let your loved one know that it’s okay to relax.

Carrep Car Front Seat Organizer

Carrep Car Front Seat Organizer,15 Pockets-Car Seat Organizer with Adjustable Strap, Laptop and Tablet Storage for Business Commuters and Law Enforcement/Police Officers
Click image for more info

Between notepads, flashlights, handcuffs, water bottles, and policy manuals, it can get crowded in a police officer’s patrol car. This organizer can help to make sense of the madness. It even has a shoulder strap for easy transportation!

“I Like Big Busts” T-Shirt

"I Like Big Busts" T-Shirt

Source: Teespring

Funny and ever-so-slightly risque, this t-shirt is sure to be a hit with the jovial police officer in your life. Not only will it offer a soft, comfortable fit, but it’ll get plenty of chuckles with its lettering: “I like big busts and I cannot lie.”

American Heroes Police Shield Cufflinks

American Heroes Police Shield Cufflinks

Source: Etsy

These handmade silver cufflinks will let your officer show pride in his profession. If you don’t like the blue shield design of the cufflinks pictured above, you can also order customized ones with your own pictures, initials, or badge numbers.

Law Enforcement Utility Belt

Black Law Enforcement Modular Equipment System Security Military Tactical Duty Utility Belt (10 in 1, Adjustable 35-45 inches, Black)
Click image for more info

With places for keys, gloves, radios, batons, handcuffs, flashlights, and pepper sprays, this utility belt will have everything that a police officer needs on patrol. It even comes with a quick-release mechanism if the officer needs to ditch the belt in a hurry!

“Freedom Ain’t Free” Wall Art

"Freedom Ain't Free" Wall Art

Source: Etsy

This is the perfect gift for an overworked or underappreciated police officer. Bearing a somber declaration that “freedom ain’t free,” it can be displayed on any wall or window to remind everyone of the officer’s hard work and sacrifice.

Tactical Covert Vest

Tactical Covert Vest

Source: 5.11 Tactical

Concealed carry clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, but this tactical vest is a cut above the rest. Not only does it boast zippered pouches and hand-warming pockets, but you won’t even suspect that it’s a piece of police gear. It looks like a completely normal vest!

Gifts Under $100

Streamlight Tactical Flashlight With USB Charger

Streamlight 88054 ProTac HL USB 1000 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight with High/Low/Strobe with USB Charger - 1000 Lumens,Black
Click image for more info

Every officer needs a flashlight, and this model doesn’t pull any punches. It comes with a high-intensity LED bulb that will last for more than 100,000 hours before it needs to be recharged, and it even comes with that charger for added convenience. Your officer can juice it up right there in the patrol car.

Police Badge Wallet

Police Badge Wallet, All Leather, Fits Any Shape Badge with Pin Back -Saddle Brown
Click image for more info

Made with distressed leather and reinforced stitching, this police badge wallet is both fashionable and functional. It offers a universal fit for badges of all shapes and sizes, and it also includes plenty of compartments for bills, credit cards, and other forms of ID.

Howard Leight Shooting Earmuffs

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Multicam Black R-02527
Click image for more info

These aren’t just any pair of earmuffs! They include bidirectional microphones so that your friend or family member will be able to hear range commands even as they shoot at their targets. They’re perfect for law enforcement officials of all ranks.

5.11 Tactical #74003 Men’s Ripstop TDU Pants

5.11 Tactical Men's Ripstop TDU Pants, TDU Green, XS/Short
Click image for more info

No one wants to flash their underwear at work, but it happens to quite a few police officers as they chase suspects across the unstable ground. You can save them from the embarrassment when you buy them these tactical trousers that will resist tears, stains, and holes. Even liquid spills will wick right off them.

Guardian Angel Personal Safety Light Bar

Law Enforcement Tactical Personal Wearable Safety Light by Guardian Angel | Magnetic Hands-Free LED Mounted Flashlight for Police Officers and Public Safety Officials (Elite Blue/Blue)
Click image for more info

Easily attached to bikes, dashboards, and personal uniforms, this light bar comes with multiple settings for everything from routine dispatches to high-octane emergency situations. Your police officer will enjoy much greater safety on the job when they have a light in the darkness to guide their way.

Lifeproof iPhone Case

Lifeproof iPhone Case

Source: Lifeproof

When you spend all day hopping fences and dodging dogs in the pursuit of criminals, you need a phone case that can keep up with you. Thankfully, Lifeproof has it covered. Your cop friend should love having a heavy-duty protective barrier between their phone and the rest of the world.

St. Michael Personalized Police Badge Bracelet

St. Michael Personalized Police Badge Bracelet

Source: Pictures On Gold

Another gift that calls upon the spirit of St. Michael, this bracelet is stylish enough to be a fashion-forward present but discreet enough not to call attention to itself. It’s perfect for someone who likes the thought of police jewelry but doesn’t want to be flashy with it.

Gifts Under $200

Benchmade Adamas 275 Knife

Benchmade - Adamas 275 Knife, Plain Drop-Point, Black Handle
Click image for more info

Many police officers will tell you that a tactical knife is more useful than a gun. Not only can it be wielded in personal defense, but it can also cut through crime scene tape and jimmy open locked doors. Buy your loved one a high-quality tactical knife so that they always have the best tools for the job.

Customized Wood Plaque

Customized Wood Plaque

Source: Hero Support HeadQuarters

A one-of-a-kind police officer deserves a one-of-a-kind gift. Exquisitely carved from red oak, these customized wood plaques can showcase everything from badge numbers to department titles. They’ll make an amazing gift for a police officer that you want to appreciate.

Oakley SI Ballistic Sunglasses

Oakley SI Ballistic Sunglasses

Source: TacticalGear

Ideal for police officers and military personnel, these sunglasses are shockproof, waterproof, scratch-proof, and fog-proof. Not only will they provide protection from UVA and UVB damage, but they’ll also withstand the elements and help your loved one navigate through any kind of situation or terrain.

“Salute To Honor” Heirloom Porcelain Police Tribute Stein

"Salute To Honor" Heirloom Porcelain Police Tribute Stein

Source: Bradford Exchange

This gorgeous heirloom piece will be an excellent addition to your mantle. Decorated with emblems of the force, it’s one of those gift ideas for police officers that will keep on giving: It can be handed down through the generations from officer to officer.

Everlast 2228 PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag

Everlast 2228 PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag,Black
Click image for more info

Staying in shape is important for a cop, and this punching bag can help them build their muscles while also preparing for suspect take-downs. Since it’s a freestanding bag, it will react to force in a more natural way than a hanging bag. The officer can pretend that they’re wrestling a criminal as they go at it.

MantisX Shooting Performance System

Mantis X3 Live & Dry Fire Training System - Real-time Tracking, Analysis, Diagnostics, and Coaching System for Firearm Training
Click image for more info

Last but certainly not least, you can help your police officer improve their aim with a shooting performance system. The tech can be attached to any kind of firearm, and the app will monitor, record, and analyze their shooting in real-time. Being able to hit a precise target can make all of the difference in their safety on the job!

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