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7 Rolling Briefcases Perfect for Lawyers

Best Rolling Briefcases for Lawyers Review

For many careers, technology like laptops and smartphones has mostly replaced the paper we used to carry around on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for those of us in the legal field. Despite the ubiquity of technology nowadays, lawyers still have to hump huge stacks of files from point A to point B. Not only that, the laptops that should have replaced the volume of paper are now simply added to the load. It’s for this reason that we believe that if you’re an attorney, then you should own a rolling briefcase. These stylish and versatile bags make dragging heavy files back and forth a thing of the past; and your lower back will thank you for the much needed respite.

To help you find the perfect bag for your law practice, we’ve put together a list of our seven of the very best rolling briefcases for lawyers.

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What are the Best Rolling Briefcases for Lawyers?

Here are our picks for the top 7 bags perfect for female lawyers:

  1. Alpine Swiss Rolling Laptop Briefcase
  2. Edgebrook Leather Wheeled Laptop Briefcase
  3. Ytonet Rolling Laptop Bag
  4. Heritage Travelware Streeterville
  5. Solo New York Rolling Bag
  6. MATEIN Rolling Briefcase
  7. Samsonite Mobile Office Spinner

1) Alpine Swiss Rolling Laptop Briefcase

Alpine Swiss Rolling Laptop Briefcase. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

First up on our list of best rolling briefcases is the Alpine Swiss Rolling Laptop Briefcase. If you’re on the hunt for a durable and sophisticated bag for your everyday carry, then look no further because this is the one for you. You’ll be amazed at how the hard-sided frame and leatherette finish stand up to daily stress and keep looking good while doing it.

At 19 inches, this bag is built to house even the largest of work laptops and still have room for files, accessories, and clothing for when you’re traveling. The main compartment contains a padded laptop sleeve with an elastic strap to keep your computer from bumping around. What’s more, the interior is divided, making it easier to carry multiple case files at once without accidentally mixing them up. The top of the main compartment has pen holders and a convenient zip bag for other office supplies.

Polished-looking and resilient, it’s easy to see why this bag is so highly rated. Buyers were particularly impressed with its spacious interior. Bear in mind though that this is one of the heavier briefcases on our list. Weighing 8 pounds when empty, this bag is not ideal for those who want a lighter bag to commute with. Nevertheless, this bag is ideal for flights as its hard exterior will help protect your valuables, including laptops and tablets, from being jostled.

2) Edgebrook Leather Wheeled Laptop Briefcase

Edgebrook Leather Wheeled Laptop Briefcase. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

Slim and sleek, the Edgebrook Leather Wheeled Laptop Briefcase stands out from the crowd because of its attractive leather exterior and functional, well-built interior. Compact enough to be used for a daily commute, but versatile enough for long-distance travel, this rolling briefcase boasts a 15 inch laptop compartment, double main compartment for important documents, as well as an accessible front pocket with a built-in key lock for extra security. Not to mention, the laptop compartment is surrounded by 10mm high-density, shock absorbing foam for added protection.

Reviewers rave about the bag’s vibrant color options and genuine feminine appearance, along with its sturdiness and travel-friendly size. For some purchasers, the size of the wheels have been an issue when navigating particularly uneven ground. Thankfully, this bag is small enough that it can easily be lifted and carried for a short period of time. Ultimately, this little bag gets the job done and looks great while doing it.


3) Ytonet Rolling Laptop Bag


Ytonet Rolling Laptop Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

Next up on our list is the Ytonet Rolling Laptop Bag.

Many of the briefcases on our list proudly extoll their minimalism. But not every occasion calls for a slim, understated bag. Sometimes, nothing short of a strong, hefty briefcase will do. That’s why we’ve selected the Ytonet Rolling Laptop Bag to be number three on our list.

At 17.5 inches, this bag can easily accommodate larger work laptops and cumbersome files, meaning you won’t have to lug an extra bag around with you. The roomy main compartment is perfect for housing your daily essentials, while the zipper and organizer compartments keep your documents and accessories sorted. The handy front pocket allows you to keep books, business cards, and pens at the ready for those on the spot moments.

Constructed out of water- and scratch-resistant fabric, the Ytonet Rolling Laptop Bag will stand up to the regular abuse expected from a busy travel and commuter schedule. However, some reviewers noted the bag won’t always fit into the overhead compartment. Check ahead about overhead space, or you may need to push this bag under the seat.

4) Heritage Travelware Streeterville

Heritage Travelware Streeterville. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

Ultra-lightweight due to its brushed polyester exterior, the Heritage Travelware Streeterville is easy to maneuver, yet durable enough to handle an international business trip. The sturdy, retractable trolley handle makes traversing sidewalks and airports a breeze. Plus, the bottom molded feet keep this product standing upright while you’re waiting in line at the subway station or TSA.

What’s unique to this bag is that it can carry two different size laptops at the same time, each held securely in their own padded compartment. That’s an excellent feature if you want to bring a personal laptop while you’re traveling. The rear compartment contains garment straps and two mesh pockets to keep your clothes looking crisp and tidy. We agree with the product reviewers that say this is an affordable attorney bag that looks great even after extended use.

5) Solo New York Rolling Bag

Solo New York Rolling Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

The classic court house work bag is a rolling briefcase. While you may feel a little silly going to work with all your daily essentials in what amounts to a carry-on, the benefits for the working professional on the move may be worth it. This

Next up on our list is the stylish-looking Solo New York Walker Bag. Built almost as a throwback to the courier bags of the ‘20s — but with wheels! — this briefcase is made with full-grain tan leather that looks great out of the box, and even better after receiving a little wear and tear. Named ‘Walker’ for a reason, this briefcase has a telescopic handle and smooth, rollerblade wheels, which make it perfect for moving through the packed streets of any major city.

With a 15.6 inch laptop compartment, this bag is capable of accommodating even the larger sized computers. In addition, it comes with three separately zippered compartments to help keep your documents safe and organized while you’re on the move. The main compartment has handy file dividers to keep your cases separate; the accordion-style front pocket is great for storing notebooks, pens, business cards, and any other accessories you might need.

6) MATEIN Rolling Briefcase

MATEIN Rolling Briefcase. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

Made for on-the-go convenience, the MATEIN Rolling Briefcase carries a USB interface and built-in cable that guarantees all your electronic devices are charged, no matter where you are. Never again will you have to worry about finding an outlet while you’re on the go. The main compartment is large and spacious, perfect for packing clothes or bulky objects. The twin straps buckle together to ensure everything stays in place while you’re in transit.

The accordion-style secondary compartment is perfect for protecting and organizing your important documents, while pens and other office supplies are easily stored away in the front compartment for easy access. This bag is made of a high density ballistic nylon fabric that’s both durable and attractive. The waterproof bottom panel and kick plate serve as added protection to an already secure briefcase.

7) Samsonite Mobile Office Spinner

Samsonite Mobile Office Spinner. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

Experiencing lower back pain from lugging heavy litigation files around all the time? Well look no further because Samsonite has built an incredible bag for you. Ease of mobility is what sets the Samsonite Mobile Office Spinner apart from the rest of the briefcases on this list.

With four wheels instead of the regular two, this briefcase can be effortlessly navigated through a busy airport or subway system without the hassle of having to prop it up everytime you stop. In addition, it comes with smooth-turning swivel wheels and a five stage adjustable handle for added convenience.

The exterior is covered in a sturdy, scratch-resistant fabric that looks neat and professional; while the interior has a padded laptop sleeve, accessory pockets, and separate file section to help keep everything organized. Weighing over eight pounds, this bag is hefty enough to carry volumes of cases without becoming cumbersome, meaning you no longer need to worry about throwing your back out.

Best Rolling Briefcases for Lawyers – Buyers Guide

Adding a rolling briefcase to your everyday carry is one of the easiest ways to up your game as an attorney. You’ll be able to carry more with you back and forth from the office, as well as look professional and in-charge when meeting with clients or walking into court. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about lugging around heavy files again, so kiss chronic back pain goodbye.

Just like each area of law is different, so are the needs of each attorney when it comes to a rolling briefcase. Below, we’ve put together a brief buyer’s guide that’ll help you decide what to focus on when choosing your next mobile officer.

Two Wheels or Four?

We’ve already discussed how beneficial rolling briefcases are when it comes to carrying around heavy legal books and folders. While most of the cases on this list are two-wheelers, we do want to acknowledge that there’s another option out there for you to consider: the four-wheeler. Maybe you travel a bunch and want your briefcase to act as your rolling suitcase. Perhaps you recently sustained an injury and need a little extra support.

Whatever the reason, four-wheeled briefcases are an excellent alternative for many attorneys. They can stand on their own and are easier to maneuver, particularly if you’re in a rush. Nevertheless, they are often bulkier than the usual two-wheelers and can cost a bit more as well. Ultimately, it depends on your individual needs as an attorney and how you plan on using your bag.

Hard or Soft Exterior?

You may be thinking, “Why would I ever consider anything but a hard exterior case?” Well, it honestly depends on what you’ll be expecting of your briefcase. If this case is serving as your daily commute bag, it may not be necessary for it to have the extra protection of a hard exterior. Having a hard exterior makes the bag bulkier and heavier, making it more difficult to navigate as a pedestrian.

Unless you always drive to work, a softer rolling briefcase might make more sense, particularly if you spend time in the claustrophobic subway. In addition, a softer material means the bag will be lighter, making it easier to carry it up urban stairways and over uneven ground. On the flipside, a hard briefcase is absolutely the way to go if you intend on using this bag mostly for travel. The hard outer shell will protect your valuables from damage during the flight, especially if you need to stow it in the overhead compartment. Plus, harder briefcases are more secure, meaning there’s less chance of your valuables being stolen out of it.

Spacious or Minimalist?

Choosing the right dimensions for your briefcase is critical to being able to enjoy it to the utmost. For starters, if you have a 17 inch work laptop, a 15 inch bag isn’t going to cut it. Likewise, purchasing a behemoth when all you need is a tablet to get the job done is a waste of space. Essentially, it’ll depend on the temperament and needs of the attorney to decide how large or small the bag should be. If you like to keep pens, business cards, and notebooks at the ready, then a large bag like the Alpine Swiss Rolling Laptop Briefcase is probably the way to go.

However, if you travel light, then something like the Samsonite Mobile Office Spinner might be more appropriate. The bag should be full, but not to bursting with your supplies. If there’s tons of leftover space, you may want to consider a downgrade. And of course, buying more things to fill the unused space is probably not a sustainable option.

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