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Is LegalShield Worth the Money? Our 2023 Review

Is LegalShield worth it? 2021 Legalshield Review

With all of the different online legal service providers available these days, sometimes it can be challenging to determine when the right time to pay for one maybe. While looking around, you might have come across LegalShield. So, the big question is, is LegalShield worth the money?

The short answer is yes! LegalShield provides you with a multitude of different legal services for a minimal monthly membership fee. Immediately have access to legal assistance from the network of attorneys across the country. Even better, if you’re ever in a pinch, LegalShield allows you to access all of your information from their mobile app.

Who Is LegalShield?

LegalShield, also known by the name Pre-Paid Legal, is an online legal service provider. They are known to be veterans in the industry, as they have been around for nearly 50 years. Today, LegalShield provides legal services to almost 1.7 million of its members.

With an extensive legal network consisting of 900 lawyers from nearly 40 different firms, LegalShield covers all 50 states in the country.

LegalShield: Services

As an online legal service provider, LegalShield provides several different services for small businesses and individuals. Of the many services they cover, some include:

  • Legal consult
  • Legal document review
  • Assistance with debt collection
  • Legal correspondence on your behalf
  • Trial defense
  • Formation of your business

In addition to the services listed, LegalShield also has a separate website that they design specifically to help you form a new business.

The primary reason to become a LegalShield member is to avoid the expensive hourly rates of hiring an attorney, while still having access to the coverage and services you need.

LegalShield: Pros

LegalShield has a wide variety of services they offer their clientele. In addition to that, they excel in a handful of their offerings.

Various Legal Services

Ranging from identify theft to real estate advice, LegalShield covers a variety of legal services. Whether you are an individual in need of assistance or a business who needs legal defense, LegalShield has a vast network of attorneys across the country to meet your legal coverage needs.

24/7 Emergency Service

LegalShield ensures they have associates available to answer any of your questions 24/7. This emergency service makes it easy for you to have access to any of your legal forms or services at any time of the day.

Affordable Pricing

There are four primary memberships that LegalShield breaks down their services into; Personal/Family, Smal Business, Commercial Driver, and Identity Theft.


Plan Description Price Upgrade
Personal/Family Plan
  • Legal advice via phone
  • Review of 15 pages of legal documents
  • A letter or phone call on your behalf
  • $24.95/month
  • $17/month in NV
  • $15.95/month in NY
  • Trial defense services
  • Home business supplement
  • Gun owner supplement
  • 25% off additional legal services
Small Business Plan
  • Legal counsel on unlimited issues
  • Three phone consultations per year
  • Starts at $49/month
  • Business consulting
  • Tools for small business owners
Commercial Driver Plan
  • Legal advice for traffic accidents
  • Representation for driving violations
  • $32.95/monthly
  • $25 enrollment fee
  • Additional coverage for hazardous materials or oversized vehicles
Identity Theft Plan
  • Identity theft monitoring
  • $1 million in identity restoration
  • $14.95/month
  • Monitors credit profile
  • Additional family coverage

Personal/Family Plan

With LegalShield pricing plans starting at $24.95/month, LegalShield offers a Personal/Family Legal Plan which includes 24/7 Emergency Assistance. There is also an upgraded version of the Family Plan for a $44.95 monthly fee that assists with additional services including:

  • Moving violations / Traffic Tickets
  • Department of Transportation violations
  • Car accidents
  • Preparation of wills
  • IRS audits

Small Business Plan

The LegalShield Small Business Plans are available to help small businesses at a much lower cost than hiring an attorney on retainer. Starting at $49.00/month, you can get a plan that meets your business’s needs based on size.

Often, small businesses do not have the finances to afford an attorney, but at the same time, they can’t afford to have an attorney for legal advice. LegalShield makes protecting your business affordable for everyone.

Commercial Driver Plan

Known for having particular legal issues, commercial drivers can seek refuge in their specific standard plans through LegalShield. The Commercial Driver Plan starts as low as $32.95/month, with an upgrade to the Super Commercial Driver Plan for $44.95/month.

Identity Theft Plan

As identity theft continues to become a threat to everyone, LegalShield is on top of it by providing a specific identity theft plan starting as low as $14.95/month. IDShield, by LegalShield, helps to protect individuals and entire families from any identity theft threats.

Upgrade to the IDShield protection for the whole family for $27.95 and get instant alerts for any suspicious behaviors. There are also additional services within the IDShield that include searching for the following:

    • Credit records
    • Public records
    • Court records
    • Sex offender lists
    • Address changes
    • Payday loans
    • High-risk applications

With the IDShield plan you can also Comprehensive credit monitoring is included in every IDShield plan.

Attorney Experience

The average LegalShield attorney has nearly 20 years of tenure within their current position and 13 years working with the company. All of the experience ensures all of your legal matters are handled efficiently.

In addition to each of the staff’s tenure in-network, LegalShield also ensures that you work with the same firm. Although you might not be able to work with the exact attorney every time, it is still nice to know you will develop a relationship with the firm.

Accessible Mobile App

Have the convenience of accessing any of your legal documents or files immediately from anywhere you can access on your mobile phone. LegalShield has a mobile app that works for iOS or Android, and you can also get quick answers to questions you may have.

Multi-Level Marketing

Although some are deterred when they learn the LegalShield is a multi-level marketing (MLM) business, it is essential to know that this proves to be beneficial to the clients to cut down on costs.

Customers become clients and then make money by referring friends to join LegalShield. The company does not force this style upon you in any way, and it is essentially more of a boosted referral program.

LegalShield: Cons

While LegalShield has a lot of positive attributes to their company, it is essential to look at some of the pitfalls that clients have mentioned. LegalShield offers many excellent legal services at a reasonable price, but with it comes some level of limitations.

They Won’t File

LegalShield does not explicitly state that their law firms will file documents for members. If they don’t file documents, they will provide instructions on how to do so yourself.

No Free Trial

Some online legal providers offer a free trial period to try out their services. LegalShield does not provide a free trial period for potential members.

Enrollment Fee

When you first sign up for LegalShield, you are required to pay a $10 one-time enrollment fee, that is non-refundable.

Slow Website

The LegalShield website isn’t the most user friendly and can be slow and hard to navigate. Luckily, as a member, you don’t have to access the website that often. Instead, you can use the mobile app or reach out to your attorney directly via phone or email.


Again, if you are wondering is LegalShield worth it, the answer is yes! We encourage you to sign up and give LegalShield a try.

While there has been some controversy surrounding the company and them being a “pyramid scheme,” it hardly seems to be the case. Although the company is a multi-level marketing business, they in no way press any hard sales on their customers. It is more of a highly beneficial referral program.

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