The 10 Most Viral Canadian Divorce Stories (Past Year)

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Divorce is a sad topic, but it’s a common occurrence in Canada.

The topic is frequently published about in all types of media.  It’s studied extensively by psychologists.  Celebrity divorce news spread like wildfire.  While divorce is often filled with heartache, sometimes it’s done amicably.

While divorce is nothing to celebrate, it does get shared.

As a law firm with a family law department, we thought it would be interesting to do some research to uncover the 10 most popular (i.e. most Facebook shares) divorce stories from the past 365 days.

Interestingly, there really isn’t any single type of story or theme that’s popular, although celebrity divorce news make up 3 of the top 10 most frequently shared divorce news (in Canada).

Here are the 10 most shared divorce stories in Canada over the past year:

1. Father’s suicide fuels battle over Divorce Act

Social share volume for terribly sad divorce story

The saddest and most heart-wrenching story is the most shared divorce story on Facebook.  It’s tragic.

It profiles a 34 year old father of four who killed himself after leaving the family home, being alienated from his childrend and the court ordering that he pay more in child support and alimony than he earned (while he had a career, at the time of the child support and alimony order, he was on stress leave which greatly diminished his income).

2. Nursing-home costs leave seniors pondering divorce

Not nearly as sad as the young father who committed suicide, but this story is very sad in its own way.  In a nutshell seniors with a spouse in nursing homes are getting divorced so the nursing home fees don’t take into consideration the other spouse’s pension/income.

3. Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert announce divorce after 4 years of marriage

Another celebrity couple getting divorced.  It’s not pleasant.  It happens.  I think it seems to happen more often to celebrities because we’re bombarded with the publicity of it.

4. Children of divorce may not face added stress from joint custody

This study looks into the psychological effects of kids moving back and forth between two homes in a joint custody situation which is different than primarily residing with one parent.

5. People who get married young are at higher risk of divorce: study

I think the title pretty much sums it up.

6. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announce divorce after 10 years of marriage

It’s not surprising this is popular news.

7. Monday is the day people start thinking about divorce

In this article Monday is referred to as the first Monday after the Christmas holidays.

8. Calgary Couple Celebrates Divorce with a Happy #DivorceSelfie

The woman here followed up this selfie shot with saying she never expected or intended for the cheerful post-divorce selfie with ex-husband to go so viral.  She also says it’s not a divorce celebration; instead it’s just an example of showing that divorce need not be so acrimonious.

9. Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale headed for divorce

Celeb divorce #3 on the list.

10. Divorce Odds Rise For Those Who Say “I Do” After 32: Study

I guess you can buck the odds.  #5 on this list tells you getting married young means a higher likelihood of getting a divorce.  Here’s an article telling you the odds for getting a divorce rise when tying the not after 32.

The article clarifies that under 25 has a higher chance of divorce and older than 32 a higher chance of divorce.  Getting married at 25 to 32 is apparently the age when you have the best odds of avoiding divorce.

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